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By the end of 2019, White Sands National Park was the country's newest national park, and with good reason. Covering 275 square kilometers, it is a jewel in southern New Mexico and attracts visitors to play in its pure plaster deposits.

The area consists of white sand dunes made of gypsum crystals and is part of the Tularosa Valley, surrounded by mountains. The monument includes the largest dune field in the world and is surrounded by a number of hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and other activities. This park is protected from the effects of climate change, except for a small section to the south - the central part where the geyser forms, like the white sand of White Sands National Park - and a large area of plaster, a type of sandstone, in which the Gymsum Dunes rise up to 40 feet.

The plants native to the area are typical of the southern foothills of New Mexico and include sage, sagebush, cacti, elk and other wild flower species. This is a popular destination for hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, hikers and mountain bikers.

Inspired by authentic moon rocks, learn about rocket technology and pioneers, including the animals that ventured into space at the Smithsonian-affiliated New Mexico Museum. Learn more about historical exhibits and artifacts, including a replica of the Apollo 11 lunar landing pad and lunar landing pad. On the way to Las Cruces, you can also visit the White Sand Missile Range Museum, where a variety of rockets and missiles are on display.

The Shroud Museum at White Sands Mall displays a religious relic, which is considered the Shroud of Jesus Christ and is presented in a backlit photographic transparency. The exhibition includes a large number of information kiosks, a replica of the Shroud and an exhibition of religious relics from around the world.

Collects artifacts related to the history of Alamogordo and the Tularosa Basin and used from prehistory to modern times.

The Toy Train Depot is a toy shop and railway museum that displays 1: 1 scale model railroads to introduce visitors to the railway history of Alamogordo, New Mexico. The museum houses the New Horizons Dome Theater and Planetarium, which has a dome and can be seen from the top floor of the museum, as well as the main entrance and parking lot.

Visitors looking for long-term accommodation in the city can also visit the Alamogordo Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in New Mexico. There are a number of other ways to explore the dunes and check if you can camp in the New Horizons Dunes National Recreation Area (NORRA).

You can visit the local downtown and eat at one of my favorite places, Las Cruces, Si Senors Cafe. There are a number of restaurants like this one in Alamogordo, but there is an original SiSenor that started in Deming, NM, and each one in Las Cruce has a different atmosphere. The food is delicious and you can eat there for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late in the evening. Her delicious pistachio flavored ice cream is part of the to-do list.

With more than 13,000 trees, Eagle Ranch is home to one of the largest pistachio groves in the United States. The pistachio farm has a variety of pistachio and nut flavors and they have an exceptionally unique drink and dessert that contains spicy peppers (the green chilli is a local favorite). This burger joint offers a twist on the classic New Mexico burger with a spicy twist and features an exceptional selection of beers as well as some exceptionally unique drinks and desserts that contain spicy pepper.

There are several scenic rides through the area that are worth exploring the beauty of the landscape. After a visit to the visitor centre, we head to the sand dunes to ride a sleigh in the sand. Visitors can camp, hike or toboggan on the sand dunes and enjoy the tranquil sand surrounded by friends and family. Despite the lack of a hiking area, there are a variety of hiking trails as well as a number of trails for snowshoeing and skiing.

In the city we visit the Historical Museum of the Tularosa Basin, where we watch a large-format film. Although our timing on location did not work out, you can still take some shots from inside the beautiful Pueblo Revival building where the museum is located, as well as in front of the museum itself.

There is no entrance fee, but if you have a National Park Pass, you can go up there and explore the nature.

Alamogordo is a small town, but there are still many things to do to keep you busy. There are so many outdoor activities in Alamogordso that keep us busy, and this is no different for you.

While Alamogordo left us with a lot to be desired, NM will help you do more on your further road adventure. Continue on the next page for more information on continuing our road trips and adventures.

More About Alamogordo

More About Alamogordo